MTS - Introduction

Millennium Technology Services (MTS) is an USA based international provider of World-Class Business Solutions and IT services to the top Multi Nationals Corporations. MTS provides services to 70+ Fortune 500 clients around the world. MTS offers Information Technologies Services across Industries through a network of regional and local subsidiaries. Our Global headquarter is in San Francisco, United States of America and our Asia headquarter is located in Singapore.

MTS has been selected as the 25 Most Promising IT Service Providers-2015 , as we are crafting Innovative and Cost Competitive Solutions for our international client base and one of our key Innovations is our new business platform - M@Trix, which is driving Innovation and value for Enterprises and IT Talents around the world.

We have been actively expanding our service offerings and global presence through sustainable investments of venture capitalists. MTS has established strategic partnerships with leading multi national companies such as CISCO and AVAYA.

MTS has a world class team proving world class services. Our team contains international domain specialists, providing business and IT consulting, project management, application virtualization, testing and IT operation support services.

Our company is a socially responsible employer with over 200 highly talented professionals, managed by a world-class multi-national executive leadership team.

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Dedicated Staffing Team for each Industry / Client This fusion of skills; Research which is very forward thinking, analytical and Consulting, who help manage change, and deliver results is very unique.This fusion of skills; Research which is very forward thinking, ...


PRC – Shanghai (HQ China)

Millennium Technology Services Co., Ltd.

600 Tianshan Road, Blk 2 Room 27C

200051, Changning District, Shanghai

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Millennium Technology Services Co., Ltd

Room 1705-06, Building A, Nanfeng city,

100 Zunyi Road, Changning district,

Shanghai, China

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