Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

For Fortune 500 clients in South and East Asia we provide ‘Enterprise Resource Management’ services with talent highly specialize in IT outsourcing services. All our talent are well trained, able to speak different languages and have a great understanding of culture differences. We support diversity into our organization and our mission is to be recognized as “Best Employer”. Listed below is an outline of our key services in our ERM Service Line.

* Resource Provisioning:

- Consultancy, Project Management, Maintenance Services, Network Services, Call Centers;

* Recruitment Services;

Headhunter Services;

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS
MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Enterprise Network Services (ENS)

In our Enterprise Network Services Line we provide various services to key partners like CISCO and AVAYA specialized in Network and Communications Solutions in South and East Asia. Our talents are certified on our partners product, have ITIL certifications and project management certifications. We are an expert to function as one stop shop by providing turn key solutions. And outline of our services in this service line are:

* CISCO Networks / Tele-presence

* AVAYA IPT and CC / Scorpio / Radivision / Video Conference

* IT Infrastructure Outsourcing


Enterprise Process Services (EPS)

This service line is a very fast growing serve line in the last few years. We have a solid track record to provide and manage end to end call center solutions. Our value on coverage in South and East Asia is of great benefits to our clients who are heavy investing in Asia. We have the language capability, industry knowledge and call center expertise to ensure your business users are covered. Key services for us in this service line is listed below.

* Process Outsourcing:

- Call Centers

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS
MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Enterprise Outsourcing Services

Last but not least our Enterprise Outsourcing Service Line is specialized in outsourcing solutions, we drive with our outsourcing solutions reduction in you total cost of ownership and support to transform your organization with our lean and Agile to improve your quality and time to market. Key services in our EOS service line are:

* Consultancy Services:

- Structured cabling, Data Center setup, Monitoring (Security / Networks), UPS / Fire Systems

* Project Management:

- Communications and IT Infrastructure

* Maintenance Services

* Implementation Services

- Communications

* Virtualization Services