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PT Millennium Technology Services Indonesia partners with HC3


Indonesia, 12th August 2020– PT MILLENNIUM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES INDONESIA got accredited by H3C as a partner company. An authorization certificate of partnership that has H3C President & CEO, Tony Yus signature, has been handed over. H3C TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. congratulates MTS on becoming an H3C Partner. They look forward to our cooperation that shares our mutual values.

About H3C- H3C is an industry leader in the provision of Digital Solutions, and is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of its customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation. They offer a full portfolio of Digital Infrastructure products, spanning across compute, storage, networking, 5G, security and related domains, and provide a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet, information security, intelligent connectivity, new safety, and edge computing, as well as end-to-end technical services. They are also the exclusive provider of HPE® servers, storage and associated technical services in China.

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Millennium Technology Services partners with ISFnet


Tokyo Japan, 13th March 2019– Millennium Technology Services Group (MTS) is proud to announce that ISFnet, the member of POWERS GROUP, and MTS, entered a partnership agreement, and MTS will be joining the POWERS GROUP. Through this partnership, MTS and the member of the POWERS GROUP, including ISFnet will complement one another’s strength. While MTS will expand its service capabilities to Japan, POWERS GROUP can reach out to global market that MTS holds, especially in APAC region, including Hong Kong and China. ISFnet and the POWERS GROUP are able to use the services and capabilities of Millennium Technology Services (MTS) outside Japan together with the strong industry experience of POWERS GROUP.

Yukiyoshi Watanabe, President of ISFnet stated: “We are privileged to be in partnership with Millennium Technology Services (MTS), IT professionals well-experienced with International firms, working across the globe. This partnership will not only provide more opportunities for our multilingual engineers, but also will bring more benefits for our clients, who will have more choice from widened services range. We also believe that MTS joining the POWERS GROUP will also maximize the benefit of this partnership.”

Tatsuru Kobayashi, Managing Director of POWERS GROUP stated: “We the "POWERS GROUP" are quite honored to announce that the Millennium Technology Services (MTS), has joined our POWERS GROUP. The POWERS GROUP is an alliance of ICT companies in Japan. Each company has both "Cutting Edge" and "High Level" technology and engineering capabilities. Our ICT professionals have led many Japanese customer projects to success. Now, through partnership with Millennium Technology Services (MTS) and participating in our POWERS GROUP, we believe many Japanese customers can have the opportunity to enjoy great success in high quality fields and take advantage of the worldwide engineering support that can be provided by MTS. We believe in the possibility of great success of our Japanese customers in global business.”

Andy Tan, Chief Executive Officer of MTS stated: “The agreement allows Millennium Technology Services (MTS) to use ISFnet and POWERS GROUP industry and consulting expertise and client base to expand our world class technology services into Japan. This partnership will enable the client base of POWERS GROUP to expand their business outside of Japan with innovative business solutions, which are key in client successes and business growth! I am very happy with partnership and it is demonstrating the leadership of the partners of the POWERS GROUP to be at the leading edge of the Industry!”

About POWERS Group- POWERS was formed in 2010 by a group of premier companies dealing with Cisco Systems network equipment in Japan. The group has grown to include various members that specializes in other unique ICT spaces with the aim to be the one-stop solutions team that brings about cost efficiencies to our clients through our lean and efficient delivery.

        In 2019, Japan local government bodies such as the Yamaguchi prefecture and Hagi City will join the POWERS group to propose new innovative solutions to address the situation of workforce shortage and accelerate the workplace paradigm shift to meet the needs of theTokyo Olympics and Paralympics that will be held in 2020.

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About ISFnet- ISFnet is an IT infrastructure company that has 16 offices in Japan with about 1,800 regular IT infrastructure engineers. Aside from providing resourcing needs, ISFnet provides various ICT solutions inside and outside of Japan across the globe.

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About Millennium Technology Services- Millennium Technology Services (MTS) is an USA based international provider of World-Class Business Solutions and IT services to the top Multi Nationals Corporations. MTS provides services to over 70 Fortune 500 clients around the world. MTS offers Information Technologies Services across Industries through a network of regional and local subsidiaries. Our Global headquarter is in San Francisco, United States of America and our Asia headquarter is located in Singapore.