Python R&D Engineering

Recruitment sector: On-Site

Duty stations: Shenzhen, China


{C}·       {C}{C}{C}2 years or more experiences in network, server, desktop, database operation and maintenance

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}3 years or more experiences in development and architecture design;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Proficient in Python language, with a high degree of concurrency in Internet product project development;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Experience with persistent distributed network data crawler;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Familiar with Linux and be able to write Shell scripts;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Proficient in using web UI frameworks and technologies such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Echarts and D3js;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Master the related technologies of WEB development such as html, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Familiar with relationship databaseMySQLOracleMS SQL Serverand non-relationship databaseRedisMongoDB等)

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}Has a high sense of responsibility and good team communication skills.




{C}·       {C}{C}{C}1. Responsible for the development of front-end and back-end functions and module interfaces of the company's large-scale Python data acquisition system;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}2. Participate in Python and search system front and back technology framework. Implementation plan, responsible for the design and implementation of technical specifications;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}3. Continuously improve the quality, performance and stability of the output products and optimize them.

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}4. Complete the development of new functions and modules, learn and research new technologies to continuously meet new product needs;

{C}·       {C}{C}{C}5. Lead team members in task splitting, docking, and technical evaluating.




Unique identifier: mts2018_0188